Moving Beyond Voluntourism

Rev. Matt Lacey, director of United Methodist Volunteers in Mission for the Southeast Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church  wrote a blog post this week digging into the term “voluntourism”.  Voluntourism mashes together the words “volunteer” and “tourism” and describes what some critics of short-term mission see as the main problem with the practice of … Continue reading Moving Beyond Voluntourism

Mission as Pilgrimage

Journey: something suggesting travel or passage from one place to another; an act or instance of traveling from one place to another During the first two weeks of any new year, you hear the word “journey” quite a lot.  At the gym – journey to fitness or weight-loss journey; at the office supply store … Continue reading Mission as Pilgrimage

Balancing the Why and the How of Short-term missions

The Why and the How Yesterday, United Methodist Communications posted an article titled “How to do short-term missions the right way”.  It’s a good article, with seven important points to consider when planning a short-term mission trip: First, participants are encouraged to learn about issues with short-term mission trips in general.  We should be aware … Continue reading Balancing the Why and the How of Short-term missions